We have a great group of exhibitors joining us this year! You can be one of them. Fill out our exhibitor application form today!

Amelia & Holly’s

Amelia & Holly's - Compassionately Crafted Canine Treats- is a mother/daughter Golden Valley, MN business working to do things differently for pups, people, & the planet. We do this by embracing an Organic Fields to Fido concept, striving for a low carbon paw print, and engaging in Philanthropuppy by giving back a percentage of pawfits and treats to non-pawfit organizations.

At the Twin Cities Veg Fest, we will offer 4 vegan, organic and grain/gluten free flavors: P.B. Punk, Tangled Pup in Blue, Batk up the Right Tree, and Kiss Me, Canine. We also will have our Minnesopaw Pride and Bad to the Vegan Bone treats available.

Animal Folks

Animal Folks / Animal Folks MN-Legislative Action is an animal protection organization focused on research, education, training and legislative efforts on animal cruelty issues. Our mission is to protect animals & prevent animal cruelty by creating a modern system of law enforcement in Minnesota. Through system reform and working closely with communities and authorities, we are increasing awareness of animal issues, preventing cruelty and aiding in the enforcement of animal anti-cruelty laws in Minnesota.

Animal Rights Coalition

Éthique Nouveau offers a shopping experience that is kind to humans, animals, and the earth. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest quality merchandise available from the best designers in the field without the use of animal testing, ingredients, skins, or furs.

Art by Laura Elizabeth

Laura Elizabeth is a Minneapolis-based artist who specializes in painting portraits. In developing her own visions and expressions, Laura has mastered the techniques of a variety of forms, from realism to the abstract. Such masters as Gustav Klimt, Louise Bourgeois, and Lucian Freud, have been among her greatest influences.

Bee Free Honee

Food Sampler

Bee Free Honee is "honey made from apples, it is vegan but also...if we are to really save the honey bees, we need to find alternatives & allow them to regain in strength and in numbers so we don't loose them. Please come by our booth if you would like to learn more about how we can all do something to save our pollinators!

Beta Epsilon Chapter of the Phi Alpha Honors Society

Food Vendor

Beta Epsilon is a group of social work students committed the promotion of peace, rights and responsibilities to justice and priority for the vulnerable. Animal rights is a topic relatively new to the social work world, so we hope to increase our knowledge and bring back what we learned to the profession while supporting the cause!

Boneshaker Books

Boneshaker Books is a community supported, collectively organized, and volunteer run bookstore. Our mission is to provide a welcoming space that promotes social justice and movements through books, education, and activism. We offer progressive and radical literature and a place to spark conversation, inform, and inspire.

Book Publishing Company

We are publishers of many of the best vegan cookbooks as well as important health and nutrition books. Our selection will also include books on gardening, alternative building and other environmental issues

Captured by Brooke Photography


World photography of nature, animals, people and special events.

Caravan Vet


We are the Twin Cities' only full service mobile veterinary clinic. We deliver state of the art veterinary care to your doorstep because patient comfort and client satisfaction are our top priorities!

Chicken Run Rescue and United Poultry Concerns

Minnesota based Chicken Run Rescue fosters an evolution in critical thought about who is food and who is friend through rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and education.

United Poultry Concerns is dedicated to the compassionate and respectful treatment of chickens, turkeys, ducks and other domestic fowl.

Compassion Over Killing


Working to end animal abuse since 1995, Compassion Over Killing exposes cruelty to farmed animals and promotes vegetarian eating as a way to build a kinder world.

Compassionate Action for Animals

Food Sampler

Compassionate Action for Animals is a Twin Cities based nonprofit that has been in operation since 1998. We encourage people to cultivate empathy for animals and move towards a plant-based diet. Our programs include leafleting, video showings, cooking classes, social events, and of course, the Twin Cities Veg Fest! CAA will be sampling a variety of delicious vegan foods.

Double Take Salsa

Food Sampler

Double Take Salsa has raised the standard for salsa with a Flavor First Heat Second motto. Everything is carefully produced in a responsible way, from the booming flavors, thick consistency, the look and appeal and the spice level. Enjoy all flavors.

Effective Altruism Twin Cities

We are a charity evaluator and community of like-minded people dedicated to supporting organizations that can effectively improve the lives of others. We not only try to find the best ways to help others, but we follow through and actually help them as well.

Effective Altruism Twin Cities organizes talks, activities, and social events in the Twin Cities and is open to anyone who is interested in doing good better.

Farmaste Animal Sanctuary

Coming soon! Minnesota's first farm sanctuary. Our mission is to rescue farm animals from abusive situations, encourage society to see them as someone instead of something, and motivate people to embrace alternative food choices.

Fro Yo Soul

Food Vendor

Fro Yo Soul is Minnesota's only self-serve frozen yogurt mobile bus serving premium, organic frozen yogurt. Our yogurt is made from scratch with a secret recipe. We have three frozen yogurt machines (allowing for up to six tasty flavors plus double-flavored twists), fresh fruit & toppings galore that allow you to create your own inspired mouth-watering masterpiece-- right on the outside of our bus!

Our yogurt is vegan, gluten free, and nut/soy/egg free. It's made with organic coconut milk. We serve our yogurt in only materials that are compostable & recyclable.

Green Garden Bakery

Food Vendor

Green Garden Bakery is a youth-run green business selling vegetable based desserts.


Food Sampler

Grlk is an all-natural jar of goodness. Founded on family traditions and a passion for high quality ingredients. It’s hard to believe this garlic sauce is gluten and dairy free, as well as vegan. Main uses include, marinating, salad dressing, sauté oil, dipping sauce, a condiment or replacing the sticky mess of chopping garlic.

Haas Brothers Food

Food Sampler

"Ingredients Matter"

Selling fresh made tortilla chips, salsa, and hummus.

HeARTful Endeavors

HeARTful Endeavors is devoted to inner peace, compassion and eco-friendly creativity. Jeana, founder of HeARTful Endeavors, is a vegan who makes jewelry and artwork from recycled, upcycled and found objects. She also teaches meditation & "creative quirkshops", curates exhibits and does gemstone & reiki healings at her 'Studio Indigo' in the Northrup King Building #442 Nordeast!

Hennepin County Library

We've got free inspiration for you at the Hennepin County Library booth. Free library cards, free stack of cookbooks to check out, free downloads, free learning, free music, free place to chill... www.hclib.org


Herbivore is a well known source for vegan clothing and accessories.

Howling For Wolves

Howling For Wolves is a Minnesota-based wolf advocacy organization that formed in 2012 to educate the public about the wild wolf to foster tolerance and to ensure the wolf's long-term survival. Howling For Wolves opposes recreational wolf hunting and trapping and all wildlife snaring. We currently support the continuation of federal protections for the wolf by the Endangered Species Act.

Imbue Yoga


Imbue Yoga is an intimate, body-positive studio located in the Corcoran neighborhood of South Minneapolis near Powderhorn Park. We offer 20+ classes a week with 7 instructors - many styles from gentle to powerful. Founder Mary Bue is a musician and vegan who hopes to "imbue all who enter with well being, energy & compassion." The studio hosts a monthly by-donation "Plant-based Yoga" class (all levels yoga w/ a compassion-based meditation) with a vegan potluck to follow. More info and class schedule at www.imbueyoga.com

Innate Foods

Food Vendor

Mouth watering gluten free vegan delicacies made from local and sustainable sources.

Isadore Nut Company

Food Sampler

Isadore Nuts are the perfect protein-rich snack produced locally with organic ingredients and available in four irresistible flavors like Cayenne Kick, Zesty Lemon Rosemary, Cinnamon Spice and Cocoa Kiss - always vegan and gluten free!

J. Selby’s

Food Sampler

J. Selby's is a new restaurant coming to Selby & Victoria that features an entirely plant-based menu.

Jasmine Deli

Food Vendor

Jasmine deli was established in 2000 by family partners. We have strived to maintain a fresh, simple, and delicious Vietnamese menu. Our ingredients are intended to offer meals from the heart of our homeland in Kieng Giang, Vietnam.

K’UL Foods LLC

Food Sampler

We create great tasting, good for you, functional chocolate and energy bars with the finest all natural ingredients. The name, K'ul (pronounced cool), comes from the Mayan word for energy, which is what our bars provide you with – the ability to do more and do it better.

Kelska Blu


An online vegan boutique carrying unique, handcrafted bath and body products, home goods, accessories and other fun products.

Mehndi Moments

Henna ~ Temporary Body Art that lasts for two weeks.

Mercy For Animals


Mercy For Animals is an international non-profit animal protection organization, dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies. MFA works to create a society where all animals are treated with the compassion and respect they so rightfully deserve. We serve as a voice for animals through proactive consumer education initiatives, cruelty investigations, corporate outreach, and legal advocacy.

Midwest Elderberry Cooperative

Learn about the potential health and environmental benefits of Elder Flowers and Berries as presented by your local Midwest Elderberry Cooperative with growers located in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Sample our sweet neutral, premium pure elderberry juice and enjoy the taste of purple health for $1! Net proceeds help to support our grower cooperative's educational outreach.

Miss Alison

Handmade vegan belts, bags, and accessories!

Molly Spring Rolls

Food Vendor

Perfect for vegans, vegetable lovers, and the health conscious. As fresh and healthy as it can possibly be.

Those who have tried these healthy, fresh, tasty on-the rolled spring rolls at NorthEast Farmers' Market love them.

Nicky’s Comfort Candy

Where all of your sweet dreams come true!

Our caramels and confections are handmade in small batches, sourcing local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Everything we create is 100% vegan, and made with love.

Paws Place Animal Sanctuary, Inc.

Our Mission is to provide help and hope for people who have come to a crossroads in caring for their medically challenged or elderly pets. Through support visits, education, and nutritional advice, we make every effort to help pet lovers keep their animals healthy at home. However, if the time comes when it is no longer possible to do so, Paws Place can provide a safe, secure place in a foster home or at our sanctuary.


Comfortable, fashionable apparel backed by a healthy lifestyle and a cruelty free cause. Are you #PLNTBSD?

Punk Rawk Labs, Inc.

Food Sampler, Sponsor

Punk Rawk Labs is a women-owned Minneapolis-based business which specializes in handmade fermented nut milk cheeses. dairy free, vegan, clean organic ingredients, and made in small batches. we have been featured on NPR, the Today Show, Science Friday, and Inc magazine. we will be debuting our newly release Cashew of the Woods cheese and Shishito Gold mustard this year.

Reverie Cafe + Bar

Food Vendor

Plant-based with big taste! Reverie Cafe + Bar is a casual, all-day cafe and music venue located on the corner of Franklin and Nicollet. From smoked tempeh and BBQ seitan sandwiches to hearty jackfruit carnitas tacos, Reverie will take you on a delicious culinary adventure using only plants. Swing by our booth at Twin Cities Veg Fest and we will introduce you to some tasty eats!

Roasted Lentils by Simple Supple Foods

Food Sampler

Roasted Lentils are a fully-cooked, ready-to-eat, crunchy snack or topping. They are Vegan, Gluten-Free, contain no common Allergens and only have 3 ingredients. They are tasty, full of natural nutrition, versatile, not processed, and best of all... you don't have to do any work. Also, kids love Roasted Lentils.

Root to Rise Kitchen

Food Vendor

Heather & Robbie are popping up at local establishments & offering vegan cuisine as they perfect their menu & fundraise for a vegan place of their own.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.

So Good Brand

Food Sampler, Food Vendor

So Good Brand is dedicated to creating healthy, delicious foods and beverages and making them accessible to all people looking to live a healthy, happy life! Made with only real ingredients and no additives, ever, our cold-pressed juice, cold brew & dairy free coffee, and refrigerated baby food lines are the highest quality, 100% plant-based products available anywhere. From our commitment to being a zero-waste manufacturing facility, to our partnerships with local charities, we are committed to a philosophy of Do So Good - for our communities and our planet.

SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary

SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and protect farm animals from cruelty. SoulSpace works to inspire change in the way society views farm animals and support people in their quest to live a more compassionate, mindful lifestyle.

Spring Farm Sanctuary

Spring Farm Sanctuary is Minnesota's first farm animal rescue, advocacy, and rehabilitation organization. Located in the city of Long Lake. Our mission is to educate the public about the mistreatment of animals, ensure their protection, and inspire change for compassionate living. We will be opening our barn doors in late Spring 2017!

Sssdude-Nutz Donutz

Food Vendor

Come check out our table to try the best Vegan Donutz in town from Sssdude-Nutz Dinkytown!

St. Pops

Food Vendor

Saint Pops' mission is to make delicious ice pops using simple, pure ingredients with a focus on locally grown produce. Like you, we care about good food and what it’s made from. Our pops are vegan and free of dairy, gluten, soy and nuts. We sweeten with organic cane sugar or the natural sweetener Stevia.

Stanford Inn by the Sea


North America’s only vegan resort, the exquisite Stanford Inn by the Sea sits atop a meadow overlooking organic gardens and Mendocino Bay in Northern California. The full-service AAA Four Diamond eco-resort features the vegan, award-winning Ravens Restaurant, one of the most integrated wellness centers in the country (with classes/sessions in vegan cooking, nutrition, gardening, art, Chinese medicine, mushroom/nature walks, massage, yoga, tai chi), indoor pool, in-room fireplaces and more!

See the brand new Ravens Restaurant Cookbook that is getting rave reviews!

Superior Switchel Co.

Food Sampler

At Superior Switchel Co. we craft a traditional American switchel beverage brewed with fresh Organic Ginger, Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, and MN Maple Syrup poured right into a reusable Mason jar or growler. Come sample a unique health drink with triple capability [ice it - mix it - heat it] whatever you do just try it. Proceeds go towards a better adventure & the sustainability of our Great Lakes and MN State Parks.

The Herbivorous Butcher

Food Vendor

The Herbivorous Butcher is America's first vegan butcher shop founded by brother and sister Kale and Aubry Walch. They make small batch meat-free meats and cheese-free cheeses. #AllVeganEverything

The Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest animal protection organization, and among other issues, actively works to reduce the suffering of animals raised for meat, milk, and eggs. Stop by the booth to learn about our work, gather resources- including our popular Guide to Meat-Free Meals- and learn how you can get involved in Minnesota.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

The Physicians Committee is leading a revolution in medicine—putting a new focus on health and compassion. The Physicians Committee combines the clout and expertise of more than 12,000 physicians with the dedicated actions of 150,000 members across the United States and around the world.

Tiny Footprint Coffee

Food Sampler, Food Vendor

You Drink Coffee, We Plant Trees. The world's first carbon negative coffee - Roasted locally, sourced ethically, and spreading good karma worldwide through reforestation since 2010.

Totally Baked Donuts

Food Vendor

Totally Baked Donuts are Gluten Free, Vegan, Baked Donuts based in Minneapolis with a focus on using organic, non GMO, fair trade ingredients.

Compostable or recycled packaging is always used.

Pop Ups and direct sales, no storefront.

Upward Hound

All carrot, no stick. No kidding!

The dog training industry is unregulated, leaving dog guardians to struggle under a fog of folklore and misinformation despite the fact that many animal trainers have known for decades how to solve behavior problems without using coercion, intimidation, threats or pain.

Stop by our booth with your dog training questions! Explore dog behavior fact vs. fiction. Learn how to find a force-free dog trainer. Check out humane alternatives to commonly-used gear and training methods. The trainer is IN.

A collaborative effort between Allison Lamminen Dog Training and Upward Hound.

Vegan East

Food Vendor

Vegan East is a vegan bakery established in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They've been selling vegan cakes, cupcakes and donuts since 2015.

Vegan Outreach


Vegan Outreach (VO) was founded in 1993 to move society away from eating animals and their products.

Our army of outreach coordinators and volunteers personally hand our hard-hitting informational booklets to millions of people each year on college campuses and at other venues.

VegTours Florida LLC

We are a tour company offering various tours of Central and South Florida that includes almost all meals, which are only vegetarian and vegan.

WE/Earth and Wicked Questions

Food Sampler

WE/Earth's Infused Nut/Seed snacks are unexpected and ohhhh so good for you! Raw. Organic. Vegan. Sugar/gluten free. With flavors like Lemon/Ginger, Red Chili/Lime, Coffee, Onion/Herb you can Build Your Own trail mix or just eat them on their own. AND, part of our profits go to our sister non-profit arts and climate change organization, Wicked Questions, doing community-engagement strategies to help communities face into climate change and turn their concerns into art and action.

West Bank Community Garden / Students for Sustainability

Do you like promoting sustainability? Fresh food? Gardening? Learning about ways to get involved with cool events? Check us out!

We are an environmental student club recently combined with West Bank Community Garden and dedicated to promoting sustainable solutions and projects in the Twin Cities. Our current main project includes working to increase engagement between the UMN and the community around West Bank and taking care of our awesome new West Bank Community Garden Project! We also help out at special events like Earth Day.

Interested? Contact us via Facebook or sfors@umn.edu!