Jill Erickson

Founder – Rooted Green Wellness

Joel [left] Jill [right] in a kitchen wearing their food for life blue aprons.

Jill Erickson, founder of Rooted Green Wellness in Saint Paul, MN, is a licensed Food for Life Instructor with The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and a certified Plant Based Nutrition Educator. Jill began exploring the vegan lifestyle in 2012 to stop the trajectory of her family’s colon cancer history by treating her chronic digestive issues with the food on her plate. But it wasn’t until her husband’s massive heart attack and miraculous survival in 2016 that motivated Jill to take charge of her health once and for all. Jill and Joel have been completely WFPB since January 2017, and their own health transformations are what inspired them to begin Rooted Green in 2019. It is their passion and work to come alongside others in the simple truth that food can be both delicious and health promoting, and can save our lives, one bite at a time!


Dr. Joanne Kong

Lecturer, Animal Advocate

Dr. Joanne Kong speaks around the world as a vegan and animal advocate. She has been praised for her TEDx talk, The Power of Plant-Based Eating, at over 1 million views, is editor of the new book, Vegan Voices: Essays by Inspiring Changemakers, and appears in the major documentary, Eating Our Way to Extinction.  She has appeared as a speaker in Dr. Sailesh Rao’s Vegan Convergence of the Peoples, and the PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) Plant-Based Climate Summit. An award-winning classical pianist, she draws upon a diversity of skills as a writer, speaker and creative artist, and is a founding member of Vegan Virtuosi, using the power of music to speak on behalf of animals.  Dr. Kong’s website is www.vegansmakeadifference.com, and additional interviews and performances can be found on https://www.youtube.com/c/VeganLinked.

Jodi Gruhn, MBA, NBC-HWC


Jodi is a catalyst for wellness transformation bringing her many years experience to inspire and educate audiences about the power of the plant-based plate. She is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach certified in plant-based nutrition and is a licensed Food For Life Instructor with the Physicians’ for Responsible Medicine. As the Director of Wholesome Minnesota, she fiercely advocates for plant based options in Minnesota schools partnering with nutrition leaders, parents, students and teachers to be the change in their organizations.

Her small business, Borealle, helps people find & align with their health to prevent, improve and reverse chronic disease with the added benefit of building better environmental practices. Jodi loves mountain biking, camping and cooking in the outdoors — with a podcast called, We Do This For Fun, to prove it.