This year’s festival will be outdoors at Harriet Island Park in St. Paul, a beautiful green space with a pavilion alongside the Mississippi River.

Attendees may pay to park at Union Depot Lot C West (390 E Kellogg Blvd, St Paul, MN 55101) and take a free Grey Line shuttle to the festival.

The shuttle will run from 6:15 am to 8:30pm in about 15 minute intervals, stopping at both Lot C and the Kellogg Street Entrance of Union Depot. This makes the shuttle useful for those using Metro Transit (see below for more details and a free Metro Transit pass).

Shuttles are free , so consider sticking around for Veg Island Jam 2019, the official Twin Cities Veg Fest after-party!

Local businesses near the park will also have higher-priced paid parking available.

Please give this address to your driver if you are planning on using a rideshare app or plan to be dropped off at the park: 

151 Water St., St Paul, MN 55107

Event Map

We have an event map available for download below.

We encourage you to bike or use transit instead of driving to the festival! The location is friendly to these forms of transportation.

Public Transit

Festival-goers may use these MetroTransit passes to attend via public transportation for free. Please use MetroTransit.org to plan your trip.

Note that we will provide free shuttle service from the Kellogg Street entrance of Union Depot to the festival itself, making it easy to come via the Green Line.


We will have bike racks on site at the festival entrance.

Accessibility Parking

Accessibility parking is available for those with a disability parking certificate or license plates in the lot at 110 Harriet Island Rd., St. Paul, MN 55107. There is also an accessible drop-off point in the parking-loop nearby. If you would like to use the drop-off point, please contact accessibility@tcvegfest.com by noon on Saturday, September 14th.


Severe weather is always a possibility at an outdoor festival. To ensure everyone’s safety we want you to be prepared. 

Festival staff, volunteers, park staff and police will notify all on the festival grounds if there is a severe weather issue. We will also post on social media.

  • Volunteers and exhibitors will take shelter in vehicles or the pavilion.
  • Attendees will take shelter in vehicles or take our shuttles to Union Depot.
  • Lightning will require a 30 minute break in the festival.
  • We will not be able to refund exhibitor fees or after-party tickets, as festival costs (portable restrooms, rental equipment, sound equipment, shuttles, etc.) will remain the same regardless of weather conditions
  • We will use social media to let attendees know when it is safe to return.


  • If there is an emergency, dial 911. Then notify a volunteer wearing a nametag.
  • There is an AED device in the pavilion building.
  • Volunteer medical professionals will be at the Twin Cities Veg Fest/First Aid/Lost Child area.
  • St. Paul police will be on-site.

Learn more about accommodations for people with differing abilities here. Twin Cities Veg Fest strives to be a zero-waste event.