Happy Lance Brunious

Happy Lance Brunious against a black background, well dressed wearing a hat, holding a trumpet,

Happy Lance Brunious is an American performer and showman born in New Orleans, now residing in SaintPaul/Minneapolis, MN. Happy Lance sings, dances, and plays trumpet but, in the past was I.L.I.C.I.T., an award winning Twin Cities rapper and touring vocalist.

Happy Lance Brunious has amassed over 2,000 performances in the US & Canada with dancing, singing, drumming, scatting, rapping, trumpeting, whistling, beat-boxing, magic, and theatre. Happy Lance Brunious with his band aims to preserve and contribute to his unique heritage tied to the early greats of jazz. Visit his website at

Mary Bue

Mary Bue is a songwriter, international retreat guide, music + yoga teacher, and vegan of 10+ years based out of Minneapolis, often roaming this beautiful world. Named Best Songwriter of 2020 by City Pages, her music touches upon archetypal themes of the human condition: love, loss, triumph, dreams, and the natural world. A longtime student of yoga and psychology, Mary weaves sacred subject matter into her songs, seeking of deeper levels of consciousness, and deep concern for the environment mixed into her sometimes crass, real-world hue. Her latest album The World is Your Lover was released in 2020 and garnered rave reviews from around the globe. Mary is working on her 9th studio album The Wildness of Living and Dying to be released in early 2024. She’ll be joined at VegFest by longtime collaborators Shannon Frid-Rubin (Cloud Cult) and Steve Price (The Suburbs).

Red Wine Trio

Three members of the Red Wine Trio, well dressed, standing close one behind the other looking up and to the left. Behind them is a decorative orb with words that aren't distinct.

Red Wine Trio is a Minneapolis modern jazz group that takes popular and contemporary songs and gives them a fresh take. With unique arrangements and exciting grooves, Red Wine Trio re-stylizes a variety of your favorite music. Check them out on YouTube!