Twin Cities Veg Fest Event Guide

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To promote health, masks are encouraged when in lines, at booths, and when social distancing is not possible. Masks are required indoors, in the speaker and cooking demo tent, and in the shuttle.

2021 Map and Exhibitor List


A1 Lutunji’s Palate 

A2 Gandhi Mahal’s Curry In A Hurry

A3 Mistress Ginger

A4 Feline Rescue

A6 Maji Designs

A7 Cargo Bike Soap

A8 Mad City Windows and Baths

A9 Howling For Wolves

A10 Fro Yo Soul 


B1 Coconut Whisk Cafe

B2-3 Kashmir Luxuries

B4 Infusedlife Plant Based Emporium

B5 Golden Aya


B8 Explore Veg Food Giveaway

B9 Root To Rise Kitchen 

B10-11 Farmaste Animal Sanctuary

B12 Seed Plant-Based Cafe

B13 All Clean Food

B14 XmarX and Healing Foods

B15 Jasmine Deli

B16 These Wingz?

B17 La Morelense

B18 EcuaFry – The Plantain World

B19 Saint Pops

B20 Mina’s Eats

B21 Fidget 2 Give

B22-23 No Milk Espresso & Baked Goods

B24 Kitchen Craft

B25 Plant Based MN

B26 Lotus Health Foundation

B27-28 Krishna’s Delight / Akshay-Paatram

B29 Trio Plant-Based

B31-32 TCVF


C2 R&R Cultivation

C3 VeganGuyTaste

C4 Saint Apolis

C5 Pattern Percussion 

C6 Smiling Wellness 

C7 My Pit Bull is Family 

C8 Bblack Box

C9 Kitty Revolution 

C10 Gracielou Creates

C12 Robin Asbell Plant Based Chef

C13 HumanistsMN 

C14-15 Rabbit Rescue of MN

C16 Jajja Wellness

C17 Rawr Organics

C18 MN350

C19 Animal Rights Coalition 

C20 Arbonne 

C21 SKimballArt

C22 Little Acorn Sanctuary

C24 Tabal Chocolate

C25 Terra-bate

C26 Mixed Media Engineering

C27 InnerG


C29 Rooted Green Wellness

C31-32 Life Juices 


D1-2 Borealis Bowls Food Truck

D3 RachCakes Vegan Baking

D4 Veganlee Shop

D5 Triple Crown MPLS

D6 Envision Positive 

D7 Bailing Out Benji

D8-9 Free Life Vegan Apparel and Accessories

D10 The Donut Trap

D11 K Town Street Foods

D12 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

D13 PANACHE. Beverages. Better for you.

D14 Innate Foods

D15 Gracielou Creates

D16 Vegan Byy Nature

D17 Chant and Be Happy Club

D18 K-Mama Sauce, LLC

D19-20 VB&J’s

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E1 be mindful beverages

E2-3 Great Northern Microgreens

E4 Food by Zachary

E5 Anga Mangia DBA Granola Me!

E6 Chicken Butt Microsanctuary

E7 Rooster Redemption

E8 KCM EggRolls


F1-2 CAA Video Outreach

F3 Humane Society of the United States

F5 Carnage the Executioner

F6 Lachelle Cunningham 

F7 Tamuno Imbu

Please note: Views expressed by Twin Cites Veg Fest vendors, exhibitors, sponsors, and/or the public may not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of Compassionate Action for Animals.

Speaker and Cooking Demo Stage Schedule, 9/19

In addition to appearing live, speakers and cooking demos will be streamed on our Virtual Main Stage. This activity is supported, in part, by the City of Saint Paul Cultural Sales Tax Revitalization Program.

10:00 —
Virtual Exhibitor Time Virtual Main Stage
11:00 —
Lauren Plunkett, Registered Dietitian
“The Benefits of Plant-Based Nutrition for Improving and Preventing Chronic Disease”
Main Stage & Virtual Main Stage
11:45 —
Kenny Feldman Animal Advocate Award Presentation
This award honors a community member whose amazing work is pushing the ball forward for animals.
Main Stage & Virtual Main Stage
12:15 —
Climb Theatre Time Virtual Main Stage
12:50 —
Lachelle Cunningham, Chef
Spiced Kale Sambusas Cooking Demo
Main Stage & Virtual Main Stage
2:00 —
Sterling Davis, The Trap King
“Helping our Friends on Both Ends: You Don’t Lose Cool Points for Compassion”
Main Stage & Virtual Main Stage
2:55 —
Robin Asbell, Chef
“Meal Prep Secrets that Will Change Your Life” Cooking Demo
Main Stage & Virtual Main Stage
4:05 —
Carnage the Executioner, Plant-Based Poet
“How and Why I Became a Plant-Based Poet”
Main Stage & Virtual Main Stage
4:55 —
Thandisizwe Nisan-Jackson, Chef and owner of Vegan Byy Nature
Lion’s Mane Vegan “Crab” Cake Cooking Demo
Main Stage & Virtual Main Stage

Thank You

To the volunteers who planned the 2021 festival.

Alaina Myers, Video
Alyssa Foggia, Explore Veg Food Giveaway
Annette Delabarbara, Non-Food Exhibitor Coordinator
Breanna Knutson, Assistant to the Chairs
Dustin Cahill, Webmaster
Emily Nyberg, Design Director
Ian Hoxworth, Social Media – Instagram
Ibtisam Brown, Food Vendor Coordinator
James Peña, Volunteers
Katelyn Maddox, Social Media – Twitter
Laura Matanah, Executive Director – Compassionate Action for Animals
Lauren Hodges, Events
Lillie Gardner, Co-Chair and Social Media
Lisa Goddard, Speaker Coordinator
Marina Kirkeide, Cooking Demos
Matthew Schultz, Zero Waste
Meagan Hein, Graphic Designer
Nathan Gaut, Co-Chair
Sandy Hitchin, Communications Coordinator
Sarah Jenkins, Sponsor Coordinator
Sheri Olson, Volunteers
Tamuno Imbu, Exhibitor Outreach and Event Livestreaming
Theresa Zingery, TCVF and CAA tables

And to our festival Volunteers, Sponsors, Presenters, Exhibitors & Performers.

CAA Staff

Laura Matanah, Executive Director 
Tamuno Imbu, Community Organizer
Emily Nyberg, Design Director
Sandy Hitchin, Communications Coordinator
Jodi Gruhn, Wholesome MN Coordinator
Makenzie Zenisek, Bookkeeper