All speakers will be appearing on the So Good So You Main Stage alongside other festival programming on September 15th. A complete list of So Good So You Main Stage events will be available soon!

5 Healthy Habits of Raising Vegan Families (11:40am — 12:10pm)

Karla Moreno-Bryce, MDA, RD, LD
Registered Dietitian | Owner of Nutritious Vida

Karla began her vegan journey almost a little over a decade ago as a way to widen her circle for compassion for the treatment of animals. She enjoys guiding families meet their nutrient needs in adopting a vegan lifestyle through her private practice, Nutritious Vida. Her passion is recipe testing and shares practical vegan recipes on her blog that all age groups can enjoy. Karla is a first time mom who is raising her daughter on a vegan lifestyle and enjoys visiting independent coffee shops with her husband and daughter.

Adopting and raising your family on a vegan diet is much easier than you think. Karla shares 5 tips and healthy habits of vegan families. Learn how easy it is to eat vegan as a family, what foods to focus on, and how you can maintain this rewarding lifestyle.

Smashing Rooster Stigma (1:05pm — 1:35pm)

Melanie Moonstone
Founder and Operator of Rooster Redemption

Melanie founded Rooster Redemption in July 2016, a sanctuary in Minnesota focusing exclusively on roosters due to the rapid rate they are discarded, mistreated, abandoned, and exploited solely due to their gender.  In addition to running the sanctuary, Melanie works full time as a licensed alcohol and drug counselor at a local treatment center, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, where she helps alcoholics and addicts launch their recovery from addiction.

Melanie will share about the tragic fate roosters face in our society today and what you can do to help create a better future for these beautiful, intelligent, and often misunderstood birds.

Effective Animal Advocacy (3:05pm — 3:35pm)

Jon Camp
Vice President, Grassroots, for The Humane League

Jon Camp is Vice President, Grassroots, for The Humane League. Throughout 2004 – 2014, Jon traveled throughout North America, leafleting over a million students at over 500 colleges and universities. In 2014, Jon was recognized for his contributions to grassroots animal advocacy by being inducted into the National Animal Rights Hall of Fame. At The Humane League, Jon has managed the grassroots efforts of multiple successful corporate campaigns and ballot initiatives and now spends his time traveling around the country introducing individuals to The Humane League’s work and tactics.

Jon’s presentation will discuss the work currently being done to end factory farming and how each one of us can be more effective with our activism on behalf of farm animals.


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