Transportation and Accessibility at Twin Cities Veg Fest 2019

During the beginning of the 2019 festival our shuttle service was out of order. Later in the day there was also a lack of availability of ADA accessible parking. Unfortunately, this also affected the ability of sign language interpreters to get to the festival. 

We apologize to those who were impacted. 

If you were one of those impacted and you have not taken our survey, please share your contact information with us here so we can follow up with you personally.

We are grateful to the attendees and volunteers who worked with us to solve the shuttle problem, enabling an estimated 10,000 people to attend and enjoy the festival despite the transportation issues. We also want to express our gratitude to the volunteer sign language interpreters for their work and overcoming hurdles to get to the festival and provide interpretation services.

In addition, we’d like to thank volunteers Birgitta, Arna, and Sarah who were present and supportive to attendees at the shuttle pick up locations as we worked to resolve the issue; volunteer Lillie, who was the lead on morning transportation; volunteers Dyne, Mike, Nate, and Theresa who shuttled folks in their personal vehicles until shuttle service could resume; and our staff and organizing committee members who communicated the issue through social media and worked with vendors to successfully find alternative service.

To ensure that the shuttle functions smoothly and ADA parking is available throughout the festival in the future, we will:

  • Have a volunteer committee member dedicated solely to transportation and support of transportation team volunteers.
  • Personally contact drivers prior to the start of the festival so that any issues can be dealt with proactively, before they impact attendees.
  • Have a plan to rapidly provide information and alternative service if a shuttle has not arrived within 20 minutes.
  • Provide additional parking controls in the ADA lot. In 2019, unauthorized persons parked there, causing the parking problem.

Twin Cities Veg Fest takes place thanks to the participation of thousands of attendees, exhibitors, volunteers, and donors.

In the words of one of our volunteers:

“Thanks for all your great work preparing for, implementing, and now following up after such an outstanding event. This was my first Twin Cities Veg Fest and I was so impressed by the scale, the variety and diversity among presenters and vendors, and how kind people were in handling challenges.”

We look forward to your continued partnership in building our plant-based movement.