Promote the Festival!

Are you as excited for the Twin Cities Veg Fest as we are? That’s fantastic! Here are a few ways you can help out!

  • Tell your friends in person! The best way to get new people to the festival and to have them learn about wonderful plant-based foods is a direct person-to-person discussion.
  • Put up posters and flyers! For each of these, please let us know if you can come. We will provide free food!
  • Meet at the CAA Community Space, 2100 First Ave S, Suite 200, Minneapolis
  • meet on campus, in the middle of the 2nd floor of Coffman Union at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities:
  • If you want to put up posters but are not available on those days, no problem! Email your address to and he can mail you out a handful of posters and flyers, or feel free to make an appointment with him to pick them up at the community space.

More options to let people know about the festival!

For students at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, you can also:

  • Ask your professor if you can announce the festival at the beginning of class. This especially makes sense in philosophy, nutrition, or environmental classes, but many professors will let you make a brief plug. Contact us to get some flyers to hand out to your classmates, and let us know if you have any questions about what to say.
  • Hand out flyers in the dorms. Stay tuned for details!

Subscribe the the Compassionate Action for Animals Weekly Update and forward the emails to your friends. We’ll have a lot of news about the festival coming up!