Exhibit at Twin Cities Veg Fest

Become an exhibitor at the Twin Cities Veg Fest and showcase your brand or organization to an expected audience of over 4,000 interested attendees!

An exhibitor table at the Twin Cities Veg Fest lets you reach out to hundreds of college students, young adults, and other hip people. Last year’s festival attracted approximately 2,500 attendees, and we expect even more this year! This year we’re expanding the festival to cover two days, and we expect 4,000 people across the two days.

Apply now and join us to support a locally organized and executed event that promotes progressive values and helping animals.

All products promoted, sampled, and/or sold must be vegan (no animal ingredients, no animal testing).

We have a limited number of spaces, but we are still accepting exhibitor applications.

Accepted exhibitors are responsible for following our posted Exhibitor Guidelines.

If you’re interested in selling meals or other (non-packaged) food, please see our Guidelines for Food Vendors.

Sponsors (bronze level and above) will be guaranteed a table, so please consider sponsoring the event!

Preference will be given to exhibitors offering free samples.

If you are an artist and do not expect to make significant income from the festival or you are a student group, you can apply to exhibit at the artist and student group rate.

Questions? Contact us at exhibitors@tcvegfest.com.

Exhibitor Rates

You can apply to exhibit on both days or just one. Preference will be given to exhibitors applying for both days.

  • Food court vendor – $300 for one day, $450 for both
    You only need to apply at this rate if you plan to sell more than $1,500 worth of food per day for on-site consumption.
  • For-profit organization – $150 for one day, $225 for both
  • Non-profit organization – $100 for one day, $150 for both
  • Animal Advocacy Non-profit organization – $50 for one day, $100 for both
  • Artist or student group – $25 for one day, $50 for both – only 6 spots available at this rate per day
  • Extra table – add $25 for each table per day (up to 3 tables total).
    Food court vendors will be given four tables, with two tables facing attendees and two behind you.
  • Electricity – $10 for light use (laptops, phones, tablets), $25 for heavy use (cookware, microwaves, etc.)

Your table fee includes the following:

  • One six or eight foot table (food court vendors get four tables)
  • Two chairs
  • A tablecloth for your table
  • An upright display board behind the table suitable for pinning up posters and banners (except for food vendors)

If you are accepted as an exhibitor, we will use this blurb on our website.

Please provide a high-resolution image suitable for the web. Logos will be resized to no more than 150 pixels wide for display on our website.

Please give us as much detail about the equipment for which you need power. Ideally we want to know the amps and wattage used by the device. If you cannot find that, please give us much detail about the device as possible (including model if you can). This will help us ensure that electricity is allocated in the best possible way.

If you are planning to sell or give away food or other products, please list those products here. All products must be vegan (no animal products, no animal testing).